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Gündoğan Land Listings

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6.042 m² land without development permission is located in the village area of Gündoğan, suitable for farm. Price: 6.000.000 TL

18.359 m² land with nature views is located in Gündoğan, in walking distance to the sea, suitable for farm house constraction. Price: 12.850.000 TL

500 m² land is located in Gündoğan-Yalıkavak main road, has 20% of commercial development permission. Price: 825.000 TL

15.000 m² land is located in Gündoğan in elite housing area, has 20% residential or 30% of tourism development permission, suitable for 30 villas constraction.

27.500 m² land with 20 % of residential developmet permission is located in kızılburun neighbourhood in Gündoğan in alite housing area, has approved project of 50 three and two floor villas between 112 m² and 193 m² with private swimming pools. Walls of residential complex is 70% ready.

17.000 m² land with part sea view full of olive and fruit trees is located in Yayla-Gündoğan, in elite farm housing area, has 80 m² 2+1 one floor house, 50 m² outhouse, garage, 2 artesian well, suitable for 2 more house’s constraction. Price: 8.000.000 TL

Plot of land 30 m from the main road, 5% development permission, 10.226 m² of surface areas located in Gundogan. The land is free from in frastructural and road problems. The land is suitable for investment.

TheislandwithinamazingTurkbukuandGundoganviewsalsowithinseaviewlocated in the Small Rabbitİsland- Gundogan. Thepropertyconsists of 6 parcels , totaly 71.000 m² of surfaceareasalsounmissableopportunityforinvestment.

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